Sunday, 6 March 2011

SharePoint 2010 Balsamiq Wireframes

Working as a SharePoint Consultant you don't always have benefit of a dedicated UX consultant.  If you are working using an agile method such as scrum you may find that you quickly need to sketch wireframes with the product owner or team to communicate the requirements and user stories.

Wireframes are a low-fi representation of a webpage. They need to be medium detail design which gives enough information the end user to relate to and the designer to understand while still allowing his creative skills to be put to good use.

I love the use of white boards when in workshops but sometimes you don't have the benefit of these so software is another option.  I found that the Visio SharePoint Templates, although accomplished, didn't give the same impact as using lo-fi Balsamiq versions.

Balsamiq has a number of build in components which allow for quick development of UX concepts, I've created a few more elements created for a project I worked on recently:
  • Standard Homepage / Master
  • SharePoint 2010 Ribbon 
  • Views / Data Grids
  • Taxonomy Browser
  • Visio Services Process Viewer
  • Standard Search
  • FAST Search
  • Task Dialog
  • Social Tagging
  • Social Notes
  • Presence Indicator
  • Presence Popup
  • Tag Could
The current version of Wireframes for Sharepoint 2010 in PDF
Here are the Balsamiq Source Files 


Unknown said...


Well done, your Sharepoint 2010 Balsamiq Wireframes look great. WOul dlove to receive them if you agree to share !!

Please send them to yannick.jolliet //AT//

Many thanks in advance :-)

Enjoy the day

Unknown said...

I also would really appreciate if I could leverage your SP2010 shapes.

Catch me at eiben//at//


SharePoint Engine said...

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Nicolas Georgeault said...

It looks great ;)
Can you share it with me? nicolasgt[at]

Thanks a lot.

Brian Schildt said...

They Looks pretty cool - do by any chance share them?

Best, brianschildt[2]

Stephan said...

would be great if you could share them with me... I'm currently working on my bachelorthesis and could use them to do some wireframing :)



Claus said...

Like your mockup for sharepoint 2010, if you like to share, send it to cla//at//

Thanks a lot.

Just_Another_Reader said...

Hi,looks nice :) Thks a lot if you could share at louis /at/ live .no

Sean Moran said...

Hi! Can you share your sharepoint 2010 templates with spmoran (at) hotmail (dot) [com] please.

Dan Kline said...

Very Nice job. I'd love a copy.

puzzler33 said...

Love your work...could you please share it with me?


thank you in advance :)

SuperM said...

Hello Chris

Your SharePoint wireframes really look so great... :-)
I would appreciate it, if you can share them with me: [at] gmail [dot] com.
Thank you very much.

Hois Christian said...

Chris said:

I doen't find your listed balsamiq source file. the link shows an empty folder:-(

Would love to receive them if you agree to share !! (

thx so much

Unknown said...

Wow, they look really good in pdf.

Could you please send me the source files? joost[a.t.]

DominikG said...

Would be great to get the soures, too, the link doesn't work anymore :( spaminator[at] (don't mind the address, I'll receive it though it's my spam-address ;) )

Unknown said...

Looks great! Where can I get the files? Maybe via mail?

Sam Anderegg said...

Dear Chris,

I just licensed Balsamiq and would very much appreciate if you can share your widgets with me.

--Sam : anderesa (AT) gmail dot com

dbaranyi said...

Hi Chris!

These wireframes looks really cool! Could you please send me the source files? daniel.baranyi[at]

Many thanks!

Zachary Kline said...
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Matias said...


AJ Nerland said...

These wireframes are great! Could you please send me the source files or template? Thank you.

Chris Norton said...

As the others have noted, the google drive folder where you had put the Balsamiq wireframes is EMPTY.

Can you pretty please share them again? Or email them to me:

Chris_Norton (at) ShamrockFoods (dot) com

pateketu said...

has anyone got the source file, would love the Ribbon

pateketu said...

has anyone got the source file, would love the Ribbon

Evan said...

I use Creately, do you have templates for creately. Share point made diagram templates for creately would be awesome. If there is plz email

Tuney said...

Thanks for all the nice comments.
Sorry to all those people who want the wireframes, I gave someone full access(instead of read) and they downloaded then deleted my files. Nice! I don't have them anymore.
The wireframes only took a few hours to mock up in Balsamiq so if any of you want to have a go then feel free :)